UN-Nutrition Journal. Volume 1: Transforming nutrition

The UN-Nutrition Journal is an annual thematic peer reviewed journal, focusing on perceived knowledge gaps and emerging nutrition issues. Importantly, UN-Nutrition Journal gives voice and opens the academic publication space to researchers, programme managers, programme designers, implementers and hands-on field teams from low- and mid-income countries, providing a space to exchange ideas on what works and how, and to identify innovative approaches to enable action. 

The first issue of the UN-Nutrition Journal focuses on the theme “Transforming nutrition” and aims at enhancing the collective understanding and dialogue on the impacts of the complex thread of threats in people’s nutrition and identifying and sharing insights on what can be done concretely in the next five year of the Nutrition Decade and beyond, to counterbalance them and transform nutrition for the better.

Cite this content as: UN-Nutrition. 2022. Transforming nutrition. UN-Nutrition Journal, Volume 1. Rome, FAO. https://doi.org/10.4060/cc2805en

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