UN-Nutrition compiles a list of key resources in the lead up to UNFSS+2 Stocktaking Moment

Image-UN-Nutrition resources-UNFSS+2
©UNICEF/Hannah Johnson

A number of UN-Nutrition members will partake in the UN Food Systems Summit +2 (UNFSS+2) Stocktaking Moment on 24-26 July 2023, following the historic UNFSS in 2021. As part of these efforts, UN-Nutrition has developed a list of key resources to foster knowledge sharing and support countries operationalize a nutrition-smart approach through their national food systems pathways. This vast list of resources is testimony to the unparalleled expertise of the UN-Nutrition collective. 

Each Member Agency of UN-Nutrition was given the opportunity to identify publications and other relevant materials that stakeholders can draw upon to help them place nutrition at the centre of food systems transformation. While the list is extensive, it is by no means exhaustive. Rather, it reflects a selection of some of the latest UN materials available and initiatives UN-Nutrition Member Agencies are involved in that are particularly relevant for UNFSS+2 participants.

These efforts were coordinated by the UN-Nutrition Secretariat, as part of the three interlinked areas of joint work undertaken by UN-Nutrition. These include: (1) strategic support for governments; (2) collective knowledge management; and (3) joint advocacy and communication. The development of this webpage and the supporting list of resources, facilitates access to these valuable materials in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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If so, visit the UN-Nutrition exhibition booth where these resources will be showcased. 

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