Nutrition and the environment − Nurturing people, protecting the planet

Healthy diets & sustainable food systems
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UN-Nutrition. 2023. Nutrition and the environment − Nurturing people, protecting the planet. Rome, FAO on behalf of UN-Nutrition. 

Nutrition and the environment cover

This discussion paper highlights the interlinkages between nutrition and the environment across various dimensions from policy to impact. It focuses on diets and food systems, which lie at the nutrition−environment nexus. The paper illustrates how dietary trends and food systems are contributing to the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, as well as how that crisis is exacerbating nutrition challenges. It also presents a range of policy options and practical measures that generate co-benefits for people and the planet. The paper stresses the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative approaches in promoting positive change. In addition, it explores methodologies that can be used to weigh trade-offs in decision-making to help shift to sustainable solutions that support better human and planetary health. This paper is part of UN-Nutrition’s greater efforts to bridge the nutrition and environmental communities and other related stakeholders that engage in food systems transformation. 

The discussion paper will soon be available in all UN official languages!

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